The List of 2017 action films That Is Sure to Get You Excited


The list of 2017 action films keeps on piling up as the month changes. If you are a fan of the genre, you should get all excited about this year’s releases. As the previous years, action movies of this year are still dominated by comic book movie properties. After enjoying Logan back in March, you will be treated to another installment of the Guardian of the Galaxy franchise, which by now (May 2017) has taken the world by storm with its story-driven plot packed full along with character development. March also saw the release of Kong: Skull Island, a reboot for the franchise, which is rumored to be included in a shared-universe along with Godzilla.

The list of 2017 action films also includes The Fate of the Furious, the latest installment in Fast and Furious franchise. The title was able to rise to number one for several months after its initial release. Alien: Covenant enjoys a worldwide release in May and is set to continue the Alien franchise’s narration that was first started back in the 70s. Summer Agen Bola releases are predominantly occupied by comic book movies. After Guardians of the Galaxy kicks off the party, this June you will be treated to not only one but two superhero movies. Wonder Woman is set to feature in her first live action movie in June 2nd while Spider-Man: Homecoming sees another version of the webhead in June 28th.

The list of 2017 action films continues to get exciting with the release of Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok. Both are set to release in November and October, respectively. Two of the movies starring The Rock this year are of recycled materials. Baywatch, released in summer, is a remake of the same property while Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is a sequel to the 90s movie.

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