What Are the Movies 2017 January?


The list of movies 2017 january is typically occupied by titles that are less well-known. January, specifically, and the beginning of a year, in general, is normally crowded by little movies that perhaps cannot make money as big as what movies released in summer can. It has been this way for quite a long time; studios are said to “dump” their lesser known properties around this time and as a result, those movies fare less than what was expected of them. Obviously there are some titles that still make a great deal of money despite being released in January.

The movies 2017 january are also released to compete in varieties of awards. Traditionally, big-named awards shows are held within the timeframe of January to March. Movies released Dosen Poker close to this timeframe will earn a better chance to enter the competition and win big in the award season. The movie “Hidden Figures” could be one good example for this case. In fact, the movie was released way back in December 2016 first to be eligible for Oscar consideration before being officially released in January on cinemas.

Still, there are some big titles of movies 2017 january. Resident Evil was on theater that month for its last iteration featuring Alice. The XXX franchise continues on this year as its latest installment hit the theater in January. The Underworld franchise, however, stuttered in box office number. The franchise’s fifth installment made only $81 million worldwide against a budget of $31 million, which may be caused by the timing of its release or the franchise’s waning shine. Moana was re-released in January for its sing-along version while The Bye-Bye Man was the only horror of January release. As the movies were all released in January, the have run their courses so if you want to see them, you need to rent the movies now.

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