The Spy Next Door Film: Story Line and Reviews See it


If you are looking for a nice bonding family time with a good laugh, you can consider watching The Spy next Door film, starred by Jackie Chan. It is a family comedy with a few touches of action packed moves and a regular story line.

Of course, it is not an Oscar quality movie, so don’t set your hopes high. But it is a great family movie for passing time quality so you don’t have to worry about your kids getting the bad influence or such thing alike.

About the Movie

The Spy next Door film isn’t exactly a new movie, considering that it was launched in 2010. But then again, it is not too old of a movie so the time setting wouldn’t be set too much apart. The story is quite mild and so Hollywood-typical where the bad guys are always losing and the good guys are always winning – through some obstacles, though.

So, it is about Bob Ho (played by Jackie Chan) a former spy from the CIA who is dating Gillian (played by Amber Valetta), a single mom with three kids. The kids aren’t actually warming up to his relationship with their mom but then, he has to take care of them.

As if the problem weren’t enough, the youngest one is somehow downloading a top world class secret formula, causing a Russian terrorist to go after them. And what do you know? The Russian terrorist is actually Bob’s nemesis, which causes further complication. But as in all Hollywood’s movie, they would be able to overcome the challenges and obstacles and be the winner.

The Basic Review

Basically, the whole plot and story are quite cliché. As you can expect from Jackie Chan’s movie, it is packed with unique stunts and funny moves although there are no super exciting features about it either. If you are looking for a great movie for your kids – especially if they are under 10 years old – this flick The Spy next Door film will be a good option. But then again, don’t use your head too much. Some of the facts aren’t logical, but hey, that’s what the movie is all about, right?

From the movie point of view, this flick is just so-so but as a mild family flick where you can enjoy it with your kids, The Spy next Door film is quite entertaining. No foul languages or gore aspects to be expected from it. So, ready to watch it? Creit : Bandar Togel Terpercaya

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