An Update About Spider-Man: Homecoming

An Update About Spider-Man: Homecoming


After a show in The Civil War, Spider-Man continues to look forward to the chance to react with Avengers again. When Tony Stark away from him, Peter took the initiative to show themselves that the Iron Man can not ignore it anymore in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

But the heroic action of Peter made his social and educational relationships problematic. The problem also increases when the work makes him deal with Vulture, a dangerous villain with the technology of flying clothes based on Chitauri technology. This one criminal can show why flying technology can be a hassle for Spider-Man. Especially in areas where no building can be used Spidey to maneuver.

An Update About Spider-Man: Homecoming

The first thing to be highlighted in Spider-Man: Homecoming is the main villain. There are rarely criminals movie Marvel Cinematic Universe with quality like this Vulture. Uniquely, Spider-Man: Homecoming can also say the story of the origin of Vulture. Even Spidey did not show his background hero.

But you can see the reason why Vulture can be a villain, and why he can continue to act without being caught by Avengers. Usually, this approach will make the criminal so steal the spotlight to the protagonist. But director Jon Watts managed to present a portion of the characters with fitting. Vulture gained a great depth of character, but not once will you think Homecoming is his movie, as Spider-Man remains a focus.

In the end, that is the central power of Spider-Man: Homecoming. The deepening of the characters Vulture gets him echo a stunning figure as a villain. He is also presented as a strong opponent, and make Menang Banyak Judi Casino di Android it makes the audience wonder how Spidey can beat him. Maybe only Loki villain in Marvel Cinematic Universe who woke up as Vulture this. Typically, this Vulture-style approach by used for Netflix figures such as Kingpin and Cottonmouth.

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